Pain Management

Trinity Home and Health Care goal is to help patients with acute and chronic pain, to achieve the maximum possible comfort and to regain independence as much as possible. Through personalized therapy and skilled nursing services, Trinity Home and Health Care patients can continue to live safely under their roof, even after the therapy is finished.

What Pain Management Services Include?

As part of the pain management plan, Trinity Home and Health Care from Tarrant County, Texas offers numerous services aiming to meet the different needs of our patients. Some of the services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Pain evaluation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy
  • Medication management
  • Measures for pain control
  • Post-operative education, etc.
Pain management in North Richland Hills, TX
Pain management in Tarrant, TX

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and the complete list is quite extensive. The services also include alternative measures to control and reduce pain, as well as daily living support. Wound care and measures for symptom control are an unavoidable part of the plan. As the extra services, education and home safety evaluation are important for patients to be able to live independently in their homes.

What Conditions Require Pain Management Services?

If you are not sure whether your loved one needs pain management services, check if he/she meets one of the following conditions:

  • If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with a disease
  • If a person struggles with either acute or chronic pain
  • When a person feels pain after surgery
  • Wound and cancer-related pain
  • Complications after a gastric bypass operation, etc.

Call Trinity Home and Health Care and ask for more details about pain management. See if these services would meet your loved one’s needs and if this is the thing you are looking for.

The main goal of the Trinity Home and Health Care staff is to care about its patients and ease their pain. With a holistic approach and modern procedures, you can be sure your loved ones will get the level of care they deserve.

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